Colonoscopy & EGD Preps

A Good Prep is Essential!

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality, compassionate care. For that reason it is important that you follow the detailed instructions on how to prep for your upcoming procedure.

Upon scheduling your procedure, your physician's office will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure for which you are scheduled. These instructions must be followed exactly to best ensure the most accurate results. Failure to follow the prep instructions could result in needing to reschedule your procedure.

Reference Your Prep Below:

Miralax Prep Button.jpg
Clenpiq Prep Button.jpg
Suprep Prep Button.jpg
Gallon Prep Button.jpg
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Prep Button.jpg
EGD Prep Button.jpg

Español Colonoscopia Instrucciones de Preparación:

Miralax Spanish Prep Button.jpg
Gallon Spanish Prep Button.jpg
EGD Spanish Prep Button.jpg

Additional Prep Instructions

If you are diabetic, or scheduled for a colonoscopy and have constipation, AND you are instructed by our staff, reference the following preps:

Diabetes Prep Button.jpg
Extended Prep Button.jpg