Patient Bill of Rights

The U.S. Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry adopted the Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in 1998. Also known as the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

The Patient’s Bill of Rights was created with the intent to reach three major goals:

  1. To help patients feel more confident in the U.S. health care system; the Bill of Rights
    1.  Assures that the health care system is fair and it works to meet patient’s needs.
    2. Gives patients a way to address any problems they may have.
    3. Encourages patients to take an active role in staying or getting healthy.
  2. To stress the importance of a strong relationship between patients and their health care providers.
  3. To stress the key role patients play in staying healthy by laying out rights and responsibilities for all patients and health care providers.

This Bill of Rights also applies to the insurance plans offered to federal employees. Many other health insurance plans and facilities have also adopted these values. Even Medicare and Medicaid stand by many of them.

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