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Dr. Montbriand named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year (Rocky Mountain Region)

Inspired by his fathers' ambition and drive and his wife's strategic thinking, Joel Montbriand, M.D., propelled Gastroenterology of the Rockies/Medamorph to new heights when the original practitioner left in 1994. Reshaping the practice with his vision, Joel led the company through a complete "technological transition" to enhance the quality of his medical practice. He sacrificed paychecks for months and worked "on call" every day for a year to afford the cost of computerizing the office. His instinct to hire the right people at the right time - even if it meant hiring outside of the health services industry (unheard of in the industry) - proved beneficial. Over the last ten years, Joel ahs taken a practice of one physician in a single location to a practice of nine practitioners and three medical centers, serving five counties.

To read more about this prestigious honor, click here to go to the article.


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