Dr. Oz's colonoscopy findings (as seen on the "The Dr. Oz Show")

Dr. Oz’s colonoscopy findings (as seen on the “The Dr. Oz Show”)

In September of 2010, Dr. Mehmet Oz (i.e “Dr. Oz”) took viewers behind the scenes of his routine colonoscopy. The results of his colonoscopy revealed a precancerous polyp, further emphasizing the need for preventive screenings.

Below are videos of Dr. Oz’s experience, as shared with his audience members on The Dr. Oz Show.

Part 1: Preparing for the Procedure

Part 2: The Colonoscopy and Discovery of a Precancerous Polyp

Part 3: The Diagnosis

Part 4: Dr. Oz Becomes the Patient

Part 5: The Importance of Colonoscopies

Part 6: Colonoscopies and Colon Cancer