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Preps & Instructions

Colonoscopy Preps

Once your colonoscopy procedure is scheduled, your provider will give you specific preparation instructions (preps) on how to prepare for your procedure. These instructions must be followed exactly. Doing so helps ensure a successful examination with accurate results.

In case you’re taking prescribed medicines—especially diabetic and weight loss medications like Ozempic® or Wegovy®—review our special medication instructions carefully. Details are located on each preps page – by tapping prep buttons below.

Failure to follow the prep instructions could result in needing to reschedule your procedure – it is important that you follow the detailed preparation instructions for your upcoming procedure!

Watch for upcoming blog post about weight loss medications and its effect on surgery.


Gallon Prep Button 2023

Suprep Prep Button 2023

Clenpiq Prep Button 2023

Sutab Prep Button 2023

Extended Colonoscopy Preps

If your provider ordered an Extended Prep, please click the corresponding link below. These preps must be ordered by your physician and are generally prescribed for patients that have three or fewer bowel movements a week, or they are on narcotics, opioids, or laxatives:

MiraLAX Ext Prep Button 2023

Gallon Ext Prep Button 2023

Suprep Ext Prep Button 2023

Clenpiq Ext Prep Button 2023

Sutab Ext Prep Button 2023

Upper Endoscopy & Additional Preps

If your provider ordered an Upper Endoscopy, ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography), Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, or an Upper or Lower EUS, please click the following preps below:

EGD Prep Button 2023

ERCP Prep Button 2023

Flex Sig Prep Button 2023

Lower EUS Prep Button 2023

Upper EUS Prep Button 2023

Office Procedure Instructions

Your provider will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for your procedure. These instructions must be followed exactly to ensure a successful examination with accurate results:

Capsule Prep Button 2023

Patency Prep Button 2023

Banding Prep Button 2023

FibroScan Prep Button 2023

IRC Prep Button 2023

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