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Lower EUS
Preparation Instructions

Please refer to the colonoscopy instructions as advised by your provider.


  • Gatorade, Pedialyte, Powerade, Kool-Aid 

  • Gatorade G2, Propel, Crystal Light 

  • Broth, Popsicles 

  • Jell-o, Juice without Pulp (ex. Apple Juice) 

  • Black Coffee

  • Tea, Water  

  • Clear Sodas (ex. Sprite, Ginger Ale) 

  • Sparkling water


  • NO red or purple liquids 

  • NO Milk or non-dairy creamers 

  • NO Alcohol

  • NO Noodles or vegetables in soup 

  • NO Juice with Pulp (ex. pineapple juice) 

  • NO Liquid you cannot see through 

  • NO Apple Sauce 

  • NO Smoothies 

2 hours - before your procedure check-in time

Discontinue mints, gum, hard candy, and chewing tobacco.

2 hours before check-in: STOP DRINKING ALL LIQUIDS!

2 hours before check-in: Give yourself the first enema, hold as long as possible (up to 20 minutes) and then expel it.

Repeat with the second enema, again holding for as long as possible (up to 20 minutes). Repeat a third enema if you have a tendency towards constipation.


Congratulations, you have completed your prep!

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