May 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to May! Being a native Kentuckian, it was awfully nice to see the 147th Run for the Roses return to Churchill Downs on the first Saturday in May. The sunny skies, flowing mint juleps, Derby hats, and the greatest 2 minutes in sports signifies the start of spring and a hopeful sense of post-pandemic “normalcy”! I know the call center, offices, and endo centers are bustling as we work to meet the needs of our patients. Thank you all for your tireless commitment to our patients’ health and quality of life.

As I shared with you in the April 2021 newsletter, the GI of the Rockies Board of Directors participated in a weekend retreat last month to review the current health care environment, reflect on our current Mission and Values, and recalibrated our strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years. Several leaders within

the organization participated in interviews and surveys to identify our strengths, weakness, and threats as we look forward. This feedback, paired with the changing healthcare and payment landscape, informed our discussions and decisions related to our priorities for the future. The work product from this retreat builds the framework for our success today and into the future.

Our Mission, our reason for existing has been revised to reflect the new organizational direction:

  • Mission: To advance Digestive Health & Quality of life for all our patients.

Our Values, the core beliefs that are most important to the organization and (eventually) reflect who we are at our best, are as follows:

  • Patient-Centered Care: We will put the patient first in all we do.
  • Integrity: Choosing courage over comfort; choosing what’s right over what is easy.
  • Compassion: Connecting with our patients and colleagues/Putting empathy into action
  • Innovation: To empower our collective energies and ideas; to constantly seek better
  • Teamwork: ‘We’ not ‘Me’. To always keep the eye on the big picture and contribute to everyone’s collective success

Everyone within the organization will have a role in implementing and operationalizing the new Mission, Values, and strategic objectives. As we adjust our direction, everyone will have a role in our execution. Collectively, we must hold ourselves accountable to these ideals and higher standards. If you want to learn more, please reach out and discuss with your supervisor or director.

Stay well!

Jason Richardson


Gastroenterology of the Rockies