October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

As we close on summer and prepare for fall, I look back at our accomplishments at GI of the Rockies with gratitude, compassion and pride. It’s clear that we have all experienced stress this year and have had to adapt to new norms at work, at home, at school, and within our social communities. These challenges take a toll on all of us, but we choose to persevere, accepting sacrifices and working hard towards a successful future for our families, for our patients, and for our team.

Many experts have aligned around the concept that grit is the best predictor of individual and team success. Facilitating grit in teams and hiring individuals with grit is far more valuable than hiring for IQ, social intelligence, talent, or physical health. Grit is defined as the ability to persevere in the face of challenges. Grit also embodies a commitment to oneself and/or the team to executing on clear goals

with grace and attention to detail.

In David DeSteno’s book Emotional Success, he highlights that individuals and organizations that possess and cultivate the authentic emotions of gratitude, compassion, and pride consistently perform better than those who do not. What’s more is that, people and organizations who possess gratitude, compassion, and pride also show higher measures of happiness, greater social connectiveness, and greater career satisfaction than those that do not. Because of the connection between these emotions and grit and social connection, managers who cultivate gratitude, compassion, and pride in their team will see increased productivity and well-being among colleagues.

In a time where we all seem more and more disconnected, I want everyone to be mindful of how we can instill grit into one another. Most gritty people see their purpose as being deeper than themselves and will have strong convictions to the well-being of others. Our doctors, our Advanced Practice Practitioners, our nurses, our schedulers, our billing team, & our support staff all assist us in serving our patients. Let’s also commit to one another so we can do this well every day, exceed our goals, and enjoy one another while we are at work.

Jason Richardson


Gastroenterology of the Rockies