Our New Website!

Our New Website!

We are happy to announce that we launched our new website on Friday August 6th, 2021.

As we are focusing on upgrading our digital presence and making a better digital experience for our patients and referring partners, the new website is a substantial upgrade. This is also a great resource for all GRock team members as the information can be easily accessed and shared with anyone. Please start using the new website as a reference tool for anyone seeking information about GRock. I have highlighted a few of the new features below as there are several new sections and a lot of new content that has been added to the website.

New Clean, Contemporary Look and Feel

The new website has a more clean, modern look and feel, and represents GRock as a more progressive brand. Our new updated and great looking provider portraits also present a very friendly, approachable ‘face’ of our brand. To create the new website, we used intel from Google analytics to identify design opportunities from our old website. The result is a new efficient and streamlined navigation design for the new website to better enhance the user experience. We have also emphasized other buttons on the website like the Patient Portal and Request Appointment to make these easier to find. You will also notice that our phone number is VERY prominent on every page of the website, this is by design to drive as many referrals as possible.

New Patient Reviews

Reviews continue to grow as a critical factor when it comes to patients choosing their healthcare providers. We are now happy to showcase our Google location reviews from across our 7 different offices. Be on the lookout for more programs to drive positive patient reviews in the future!Our New Website!

New Pages:

Conditions We Treat & Procedures We Perform

We have added 2 new robust sections with great new content regarding the Conditions We Treat and the Procedures We Perform. We hope this provides great, informative content for all patients and referring partners.

New Preps Section

We have a new streamlined and greatly simplified Preps section of the website that makes it much easier for patients to find and reference their specific prep. Now it only takes one or two clicks to reference your prep!

Our New Website!

New Anesthesia Page

We have included a new page that highlights the Conscious Sedation and Monitored Anesthesia Care (Propofol) options for patients to reference.
Updated News & Blogs Page

We have a new section to share our company news. Enhancing and adding content to this section will be a focus of ours going forward.

New High Quality Care Page

We have added a couple new pages under About Us including the new page Quality Care. As we provide an excellent overall value to our patients, its great to highlight our excellent Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR – as compared to the standard) as well as our Lower Cost Colonoscopies.
New Request Appointment Form

Our New Website!

We have a new Request Appointment form that automatically updates request info into our new Phreesia intake system. Lynn has already teased me that we are seeing a good amount of requests since launching the website.

New Mobile Friendly Design

As more and more patients reference our website using their mobile device, we have greatly enhanced the mobile viewing experience for every page on the website. It is important for every website today to include an easy user interface for mobile devices/phones so that patients can find the appropriate information.

The website will also be updated more often with additional content and new pages as we need them.

Our New Website!