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Celebrating Our Clinic & Endoscopy Centers, and Schedulers of the Quarter!

Congratulations to our 2021 Q4 winners for Clinic, Endoscopy Center and Schedulers of the Quarter!

The winner of the Clinic of the Quarter was Northglenn and the winner of the Endoscopy Center of the Quarter was Lafayette! We also celebrated our Schedulers of the Quarter - Cindy Blair-Hoover and Josie Wagner! The celebration was held Top Golf and everyone appeared to have a great time.

Selection of the winners is a thorough and evaluative process in which leadership looks at many aspects of each center in the categories of service excellence, operational excellence, patient access, patient satisfaction, and culture. The Northglenn and Lafayette teams displayed our values of patient centered care, integrity, compassion, innovation and teamwork, and they both received very positive patient reviews (NPS).

The Northglenn clinic has excelled in all aspects of clinical care including thorough and timely attention to tasks, active scheduling with minimal scheduling errors, high level Net Promoter Score from patients, and a positive environment with excellent teamwork. They have also taken on a new office-based test, FibroScan, and are providing this service with organization and excellence.

The team members of the Northglenn clinic include Vanessa Montano (receptionist), Taylor Stack (MA), Natasha Meyer-Pugh (MA), Trista Pacheco (MA), Denise Jones (MA), Ricky Chavez (MA), Jessica Guerin (RN), Jill Meier (RN), Ann Lan (LPN) and Sarah Zannoni (PA-C). Each of them ​consistently displays a positive attitude and the clinic is meeting objectives for patient-centered care, teamwork, and integrity. All providers have stated that this office has a "good vibe" and cohesive environment, and it is obvious the staff work well together. They receive very positive patient reviews (NPS), which is a well-established measure of customer/patient loyalty and is commonly adopted by payors to differentiate practices with superior value vs other providers/practices.

The Lafayette team displays our values of patient centered care, integrity, compassion, innovation and teamwork. They receive very positive patient reviews (NPS), despite the challenges of having two fewer prep bays than the other facilities. This team especially excels at cross training and teamwork and works together extremely well to provide very safe and efficient patient care, all while making the endoscopy center a positive place to be for patients, staff, and providers.

The team members at Lafayette include nurses DeAnn Robinson, Hannah Martin, Shelby Mowery, Aaron Ringsby, Lindsay Glova and Fallon Voorheis-Mathews. Homebase techs at Lafayette are Aliyah Tsosie, Bailee Gallegos, Tara Peckham, Ryan Strepza, Barrett Rokuskie and Brianna Marez. They are led by Cambria Smith Haas, who has done a tremendous job in helping ensure Lafayette's high standards for safety, patient experience, and efficiency.

Both teams will have the honor of displaying the coveted trophies throughout the next quarter!

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