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Colonoscopy Seems Safer Without Deep Sedation

In a recent article, Group Health's top 10 research findings of 2016, it was found that colonoscopies might be safer without deep sedation. Call us to find out more information and to schedule your colonoscopy today 303.604.5000.

3.) "In a large national data set, use of deep sedation during colonoscopy is rising—and is linked to a 13 percent higher risk of any complication within 30 days, according to Associate Investigator Karen Wernli, PhD, in Gastroenterology. These complications include higher risk of perforation, bleeding, abdominal pain, complications due to

anesthesia, and stroke. Unlike many settings, Group Health’s Group Practice does not routinely use deep sedation with propofol during colonoscopy, instead using moderate sedation. Read Dr. Wernli’s blog post and watch her in a video."

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