Self-Pay For Procedures

As we strive to provide the best quality care at affordable rates, we are proud to offer self-pay pricing for patients with no insurance, and patients who choose not to use their insurance. By offering this comprehensive self-pay pricing, we want to maintain our practice’s goal of advancing digestive health and quality of life for all our patients.

Comprehensive Self-Pay Pricing


Gastroenterology of the Rockies includes all professional fees in its self-pay pricing, this comprehensive pricing includes: facility fees, pathology fees, anesthesiology & physician fees. Our comprehensive pricing ensures that individuals will not be surprised with undisclosed fees billed to them after their procedure. 


Self-pay pricing mandatory conditions:

  1. Procedures performed at the following endoscopy centers: Boulder, Lafayette, Lakewood, Longmont, and Northglenn.

  2. Patients cannot submit any costs to their insurance

  3. Payment is required before the procedure

Self-pay is available for:

  • Patients with no insurance

  • Patients who choose not to use their insurance

Self-Pay includes ALL FEES:

  • Conscious Sedation (Versed + Fentanyl):

    • EGD:                                              $1,850

    • Colonoscopy:                           $1,900

    • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy:    $1,510

    • Colonoscopy + EGD:              $2,537

  • Monitored Anesthesia Care - MAC (with Propofol):

    • EGD:                                               $2,050

    • Colonoscopy:                            $2,100

    • Colonoscopy + EGD:              $2,737

  • For information regarding the differences between Conscious Sedation & Monitored Anesthesia Care with Propofol, click here.

Comprehensive pricing includes all professional fees:

  • Facility fees

  • Pathology fees

  • Anesthesiology fees

  • Physician fees

If you have further questions regarding self-pay procedures, or wish to schedule an appointment, give us a call: