September 2021 Newsletter

September 2021 Newsletter

Happy September everyone! This month we are really going to start noticing the golden glow of the sun beginning to sit lower in the southern sky, and many of you are likely to dust off your favorite football gear for the season ahead. We have many things to celebrate including some new milestones:

1) For August, our practice served over 2000 procedures to patients in need. This is a high-water mark in the number of patients GI of the Rockies served in one month. The previous mark was 1907 procedures which was achieved in April of this year. The recognition of this milestone isn’t strictly based on the volume achieved, but in the fact that our entire team is executing on our strategic priority of improving patient access. We are adjusting our operations to better meet our growing referrals, and better serving our community digestive health needs with our new providers and colleagues. However, with any organization that is growing (an managing a pandemic), we will have growing pains. Right now, we need to recruit nursing and CRNA talent to our team to assure we can continue to meet the patient demand. For a list of positions we are recruiting, check out our careers section of the website.

2) Many of you know that we implemented a new automated patient survey system through Phreesia in late July. This system will allow us to automatically survey our patients on their experience in our offices and in our Endoscopy centers. The key metric great organizations use to measure exceptional care is Net Promoter Scores (NPS). This is a score derived from surveys that gauge patient loyalty to the practice. To me, NPS is the greatest metric to determine if we, as a team, are delivering on Service Excellence. With over 6,500 surveys completed, GI of the Rockies is achieving a Net Promoter Score of 84. This means that we have significantly more “promoters” than “detractors” and suggests you all are kickin’ butt! For reference, the average NPS score for American health care providers is 9.

3) This month we rolled out a new position—Patient Care Advocate Nurse— to support our Endoscopy Centers and continue our commitment to Service Excellence and Best in Class Quality care. This role supports following up with all our Endoscopy patients to make sure that their recovery from the procedure was favorable and that they don’t have any complications or concerns. Wendy Herrera, in our Louisville office, will champion this role and we expect this role to take our patient engagement to the next level.

4) Our new website launched last week. If you haven’t checked it out please do so. I have been receiving great feedback from our partners about it’s look and functionality. Also, in the last five weeks we have received over 100 patient self-referrals through the website from the Request Appointment button. That is amazing!

5) Our COPIC Medical Liability Partners completed a risk assessment of the 5 endoscopy facilities. This involves a review of safety and infection policies and procedures. We received high scores at all our facilities for quality care and this will result in a reduction in future premiums. Kudos to all our clinical staff for this ‘win’.

As you can see, I am very proud of the great work we are all doing. I am grateful for each of you and your contributions.

Stay well!