Colonoscopy: The Gold Standard

A colonoscopy is the only test that can detect and prevent colorectal cancer by finding and removing polyps during a single procedure. A colonoscopy can be both a screening test - that finds undiagnosed symptoms, and a diagnostic procedure - that finds and treats the cause of potential symptoms.


If you choose a screening test other than a colonoscopy, like a FIT test (fecal immunochemical test), and the result is positive (abnormal), you will need to have a follow up colonoscopy. Some insurers consider this to be a diagnostic colonoscopy (not a screening), and you may be charged for this additional procedure.

Colonoscopies also have an exceptionally high detection rate which contributes to higher survival rates as this allows patients to catch colorectal cancer in the early stages. Because of these compelling statistics, a colonoscopy is still considered the gold standard for detecting and preventing colorectal cancer.

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